Our team began the journey of studying and mastering the market for one of the most highly liquid goods on the planet – the grain market in 2017. We are developing together with our partners and customers, finding a reliable platform, mastering logistic tools and innovative analytics.

During this short but productive period, the company has managed to achieve synergies in the work of traders, agrarians, analysts, and experts in the field of macroeconomics.

Regularly we face new challenges, overcoming which, the company is moving a step higher among the largest European exporters of wheat.

Our benchmarks are the International Grain Trade Coalition (IGTC), the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), the International Grain and Feed Trade Association(GAFTA) and the American Wheat Association (US Wheat Associates).

The degree of integration of the European grain market into the world market has increased in recent years, and successful activity requires a deep analysis of the situation. Our experts study the processes of the segment globally, taking into account global trends. The achievement of the team is cooperation with a large company from the Black Sea region. Our experts provide assistance in the field of standardization of wheat quality assessment. To obtain reliable results, we use both the American scale (Durum, HRS, HRW, SRW, HW, SW) and European criteria.

Currently, the company is actively implementing a strategic development plan for 2019-2023, under which it is planned to expand its competence in the trade of grain crops and its presence in new markets. We successfully introduce modern analytics tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to provide a high quality level of services for our clients.

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